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Abstract submission deadline: June 15, 2020.

Once accepted for the Conference, abstracts in English will be published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism Journal (impact factor 3.051), if delegates submitted abstract in Spanish or Portuguese, they will be requested to translate it into English for publication.

Abstracts must be submitted via the online submission system that you can find in this website (please, see below), otherwise they will be rejected.

General guidelines:

Abstracts in Spanish, English or Portuguese will be accepted

At least one of the authors of the study must be registered in the FINUT 2020 Conference to present the abstract as poster or oral presentation.

The presenting author of an accepted abstract must register in the FINUT 2020 Conference to be able to present it. The registration will have to be completed by August 15, 2020. Otherwise, the abstract will not be included in the Proceedings Book.

The abstract can list a maximum of 10 authors, including the presenting author.

The name of the presenting author must be underlined.

The same person can present a maximum of 2 abstracts at this Conference.

An electronic mail address is indispensable to be able to receive information on each abstract.

All the abstracts could be modified until the June 15, 2019. By this deadline, the abstract must have been submitted definitively. You must log back into the submission system to make any modification.

The submission of abstracts on an already published study is not allowed. If presented data are additional to a published study, the data can be accepted.

The submission of an abstract implies that the author/s authorize to publish it in the Proceedings Book of the FINUT2020 Conference.

The presenting author is committed that all the authors are aware of the content this study before its submission.

The authors must inform on any conflict of interest by completing the abstract submission form.

The authors can request the presentation of their research as oral or poster presentation; nevertheless, the committee will decide the presentation format and the author must comply with this requirement.

The information on the acceptance of the abstracts will be provided before the 15 July 2020 based on the date of the abstract submission. This notification will be sent via e-mail.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject a abstract that fail to meet these general guidelines.

It is important that, being aware that their abstracts will be published, authors must pay special attention to the grammar and orthographic quality of the abstract in addition to its scientific quality.

Submission guidelines:

Abstracts must not exceed 350 words (including the title, author names and affiliations).

Title: Maximum of 30 words, it must be written in CONTINUOUS CAPITAL LETTERS and, in case of including abbreviations, only the standard ones will be accepted.

Content: The abstract must include the following sections:

Background and aim





Topics: The author will have to select one of the 4 topics of FINUT 2020 Conference; thus the Scientific Committee can assign it accordingly. Nevertheless, this Committee can consider that the abstract is more in line with another topic and reassign it to another one.  The topics are:

Challenges of nutrition and public health in Ibero-America

Nutrition in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases

Safe, healthful and sustainable food

Challenges for the effective and efficient public-private partnership in food and nutrition

Authors must read carefully their abstracts before submitting them.

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