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The Foundation's (FINUT) main policy is the opening so that all the stakeholders involved in food, nutrition and health of populations can participate in its activities. For this reason, FINUT offers the public and private entities involved in human food and nutrition so that they can present their concerns and advances in order to promote knowledge and solve issues that influence the health of the inhabitants of the Iberoamerican region.



The Conference’s scientific quality and excellence are its two basic and essential aspects. To guarantee these aspects, the Foundation considers the participation of all the sectors involved in the fields of food and nutrition as extremely necessary.


  • All participation proposals received by the FINUT Conference will be evaluated by an internationally renowned Scientific Committee. This Committee is announced on the Conference website..
  • The relevance and scientific quality of every one of the activities proposed by the entities is required.
  • None of the organized activities can reference or publicize any specific brand of products.
  • The conference will have a defined stands areas, and outside that area, entities may not use the conference spaces to promote any product or service.
  • In relation to the stands, the entities must submit a proposal with the products and services that will be offered in order to be valued and, where appropriate, authorized by the Organizing Committee of the Conference.


Participating entities, both public and private, are subject to compliance of the following specifications:

  • All symposia have the information of their organizers and if they have a collaborator other than the organizer, their name will be recognized within the program.
  • The stands are perfectly identified by the entity that sponsors them.
  • Any other collaboration is also recognized visibly in the different media offered by the Conference.


  • Organization of the FINUT Conference:

The funds obtained will be mainly used to cover the costs of organizing each Conference in a way that ensures the quality of service in terms of the speakers’ scientific level, facilities, and other services.

  • Scholarships for young scientists:

Fellowships will be awarded to students and/or professionals who are originally from Iberoamerica or develop their scientific activity in the region and in accordance with criteria of scientific excellence.

  • Financial benefits of the FINUT Conference:

The economic benefit from this event will be destined for the following purposes:

  1. To the general interest of the Foundation complying with the legislation of non-profit entities in Spain which require a minimum reinvestment of 70%. A maximum of 30% that income may be used for administration expenses of the Foundation.
  2. To increase the autonomy of the Foundation in order to plan and execute activities of high interest for its community and reduce the dependence on outside resources to carry them out.
  3. 3. To cover the structural costs that occur from the daily activity of the Foundation such as personnel expenses, headquarters rental, supplies expenses, etc.


The Foundation is governed by Spanish Law on Foundations 50/2002, of December 26, that requires the preparation of an annual report in which both, the origin and destination of the funds received during the year are declared. This report is delivered to the members of the Board of Trustees and published on the FINUT website.

The Foundation publishes on its website the amount and origin of the funds received for the development of its activities on an annual basis.

La Conferencia FINUT 2020
será virtual, del 11 al
13 de octubre de 2020